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  • How to Schedule Online Tutoring Appointments Through Tutor Match

    Tutor Zone: Tutoring at Thomas Nelson

    Greetings Thomas Nelson Community,

    Our on-campus tutors (Math, Writing, and Peer Tutoring) are available 7 days a week for online tutoring appointments. You can schedule online tutoring appointments by signing in to MyTNCC and clicking the Brainfuse icon. Select your subject area and course under "Tutor Match", then choose your tutor and a time slot that works for you. When it's time for your appointment, enter the session by going to "My Calendar" in Brainfuse. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    All the best,

    Eve Walker

    Tutor Zone Coordinator

    (757) 524-0310

    At Thomas Nelson Community College, you can get online tutoring through TutorMatch (Brainfuse). It's FREE for currently enrolled students, so check out the links below to find out more about our services!

    Writing Center  

    Math Center

    Peer Tutoring

    Online Tutoring - Brainfuse

    Best Practices for Online Tutoring Sessions 

    Thank you for utilizing our tutoring services. We want to help you succeed at Thomas Nelson Community College. Therefore, it is important that you keep your appointments and arrive on time. We understand emergencies and unexpected changes, but please be considerate of fellow students who may be able to use the tutoring slot if you cannot keep it. 

    To gain the most from your online tutoring sessions, please read and follow the guidelines below: 

    1. Tutoring is not a substitute for class/lab attendance and individual work. 

    1. Appointments should be made online through Brainfuse (Tutor Match), and students may not be guaranteed the same appointment time each week. 

    1. When a student requests an online tutoring session, it is not confirmed until the tutor accepts the request. The student will then receive an email confirmation. 

    1. We ask that students schedule no more than 2 appointments a day with an individual tutor

    1. Last-minute appointments are only possible if the requested tutor can verify his/her availability and accept the request. 

    1. Please be on time for tutoring sessions. If you are unable to make a session or know you will be late, log in to Brainfuse or call (757) 524-0310 to cancel/reschedule. We ask that you cancel/reschedule at least one hour before your scheduled session

    1. Come to your tutoring sessions prepared. Have textbooks, class notes, assignments, paper, pencils, and old tests, when applicable. 

    1. Tutors will not do the work for students (i.e. write papers, do projects, or complete homework). The tutor’s responsibility is to assist students in gaining understanding to complete their own work. Tutors may guide, ask questions, make suggestions, paraphrase, but may not write answers to homework questions or tests. 

    1. When possible, come to the tutoring session with a specific, identifiable problem. 

    1.  If you encounter any technical difficulties before or during your online appointment, please call (757) 524-0310. 


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