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  • Books in the TNCC Library

    German grammar, pronunciation, and conversation guides

    Suggested call number ranges: PF3065-3615

    Links to the TNCC library catalog:
    German language
    German language grammar
    German language verbs

     German dictionaries

    Suggested call number ranges: PF3620-PF3693

    Links to the TNCC library catalog: German Dictionaries

    Want an online Ferman translation dictionary instead? See the "websites" section to the right on this page.

     Fiction and non-fiction in French written at a basic level

    Suggested call number ranges: PF3117 (basic-intermediate readers)

    Links to the TNCC library catalog:
    All books tagged with the subject "German language readers"

    German Language Magazines



    ONLINE JOURNALS & INDEXES - Access to the subscription-based resources from off campus is available for TNCC faculty, staff, and registered students through the use of a proxy server. Click the link for instructions. Remote Access

    • Project Musedatabase has several German titles:
      • Monatshefte - journal of German Studies in U.S.
      • Seminar: Journal of Germanic Studies
      • Women in German Yearbook: Feminist Studies in German Literature & Culture