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  • 48-hour Laptop Policy

    Thomas Nelson Library/Learning Resource Center

    48-hour Laptop Checkout Policy

    1.0 PURPOSE

    1.1 Laptop Computers are available for checkout at the Hampton and HT campus Library/LRCs for use by currently enrolled Thomas Nelson students and are to be used for academic work, study and research.

    1.2 This policy defines the standards and processes necessary to operate this service as

    a resource for students at Thomas Nelson.

    1.3 The Laptop Checkout Policy can be revised at any time to suit the needs of the Thomas Nelson Library/LRCs.


    2.1 Only currently enrolled Thomas Nelson students may check out Laptops at the Library/LRC service desk.

    2.2 A current (non-expired) Thomas Nelson student ID card AND a current (non-expired) government-issued photo ID card both must be presented by the borrower during the checkout process.

    2.2.1 Accepted government-issued photo IDs include: current military ID; current DMV ID; current driver’s license; current passport from any country.

    2.2.2 No exceptions will be made.

    2.3 Only one Laptop can be checked out per student ID.


    3.1 Upon checking out a Laptop and any accessories and/or equipment the Borrower

    agrees to accept financial responsibility for:

    3.1.1 Any damage to the Laptop, carrying case, and power cord (if applicable).

    3.1.2 The replacement cost of any Laptop and accessories that are not


    3.1.3 Assessment of damages or replacement costs will be based on the current cost of any lost or damaged equipment and are specified in the Laptop Loan Agreement form that is signed by student borrowers.

    3.2 Laptops must not be left unattended for any reason.

    3.3 Laptops may not be shared or loaned to anyone else. Only the Borrower will be held

    responsible for the condition of the computer and its components.

    3.4 The Thomas Nelson Library/LRC is not responsible for any damage to a Borrower’s

    personal equipment or accessories (e.g.: CD, DVD, thumb drives, etc.) nor loss of

    data that may occur due to a Laptop’s malfunctioning hardware/software.

    3.5 Each Laptop is configured so that every time it is shut down the system resets

    and deletes any work that was performed and/or data that was saved on that

    machine during the loan period. The Thomas Nelson Library/LRC is not responsible for any lost

    data or programs. Do not save files to the laptop.

    3.6 Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis only. Reservations and

    holds are not permitted.

    3.7 Laptops may be unavailable at times due to updates or for charging.

    3.8 A copy of this policy is available at the Library/LRC service desks.

    3.9 Laptops are for 48 hours use and can leave the library.

    3.10 Laptops must be returned to the Hampton or HT Library service desk (depending upon which campus you checked the laptop out from) and NOT placed in the library return box outside, NOT returned at the Historic Triangle campus.


    4.1 48-hour checkout laptops are available for checkout at the Hampton and HT campus Library/LRC service desk during normal operations hours to TNCC students only.

    4.2.  The borrower is required to complete and sign an Equipment Loan Agreement form, which is available at the Library/LRC service desk. It is a written agreement between the patron and the Library/LRC highlighting rules and regulations for borrowing and using a Laptop and its accessories.

    4.2.1. The loan agreement must be completed by the borrower at the first laptop checkout of the semester. The loan agreement is only valid until the end of the semester during which it was signed. A new loan agreement must be signed once during each semester.

    4.2.2. The loan agreement will go on file during the current semester and be discarded at the end of that semester.

    4.3 Designated laptops can be checked out for 48 hours maximum and can leave the library.

    4.3.2 The student will immediately inspect the laptop upon checkout and agree that it is in good condition and all accessories are included.

    4.3.3 Hours of operation may vary during holidays and summer.

    4.3.4 Students must wait 24 hours before checking out another 48-hour use laptop.

    4.3.5 The checkout period starts when Library/LRC staff swipes Borrower’s card into the library checkout system.

    4.4 The Laptop and all accessories that were present when checked out must be

    returned in person to the LIBRARY/LRC staff. DO NOT RETURN using the book drop outside.

         4.4.1 Each Laptop will be examined by Library/LRC staff upon return to ensure that it is in working order and was returned with all accessories.

         4.4.2 Students should inform library staff of any problems that were found with the laptop so that it may be repaired or reconfigured.

         4.4.3 If any parts where lost, stolen, or damaged please inform the library staff member.


    5.1 Laptop, charging cord and carrying case


    6.1 Windows Operating System

    6.2 Microsoft Office 2013

    6.3 Laptops are loaded with special software that erases any stored data if the laptop loses power or is rebooted. Users are responsible for saving their own data to external storage devices.


                           7.1 If a Laptop is lost or stolen, the Borrower must notify the Library/LRC staff immediately.


    8.1 A student may lose their laptop borrowing privileges if laptops are returned past the due date.   

    8.1.1. If a laptop is returned more than 7 days past the return date, the borrower will lose all library laptop checkout privileges for the remainder of the current academic semester.

    8.1.2 If a laptop is returned more than 14 days past the return date, the borrower will permanently lose all library laptop checkout privileges.


    Disclaimer: The Library/Learning Resource Center disclaims all liability for loss of confidential information or damages resulting from that loss, and accepts no responsibility for breach of privacy. We recommend that no personal information be entered at any time when using a laptop. Unless you clear the history, the cache, and the cookies yourself, your privacy is at risk. If you log in to any services, please be certain to log out. The Library/LRC is not responsible for damage to any removable drive or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.