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  • Evaluating Sources: What is a Scholarly Article?

    Scholarly vs Popular



    Popular (Magazines)


    Report results of research

    Report current events


    Summarize research of general interest


    Scholars, researchers and students in a particular field of study

    General population


    Researchers, Experts in field


    Credentials given


    Often unnamed

    Credentials not given


    Long articles (5+ pages)

    No advertisements


    Technical or specialized language

    Peer reviewed


    Short articles

    Pictures and advertisements

    No citations

    Every day language

    Not peer reviewed

    What is a Scholarly Article?

    A fun video that walks you through the parts of a scholarly article.

    Peer Reviewed?

    An article is considered scholarly or peer-reviewed if it appears in a journal that requires a pre-publication review of its articles.  The article is read and edited by a group of subject experts who check accuracy. The articles published must meet certain standards for that particular field.  

    In a NUTSHELL - It doesn't get published until EXPERTS in the field say its okay.

    Peer Review in 3 Minutes

    In 3 minutes, viewers of this video will become familiar with the peer-review process and understand its significance to new knowledge production and scholarly research. From NC State Libraries.

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