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  • O’Reilly for Higher Education: Highlights & Notes

    Highlights and Notes

    On the Book reader page you can highlight important sections of content and add your own notes to enhance your learning. Go to Highlights and Notes from the left navigation bar to find all your annotated books. Your latest highlight/note is on top of the list.

    1) Click the text to go to the highlighted or annotated part of the book. You can edit and share you highlights and notes (please see below).
    2) Click Show note to see your notes. You can then hide it again.
    3) You can export your notes and highlights to a spreadsheet, which includes links to the texts.

    Highlights and notes

    Editing and sharing your Highlights and Notes

    1) You can edit or delete your highlights and notes, and at the same time selecting Private or Public.
    2) When choosing Public, you can share your highlights and notes with others by copying and pasting a link. Or using the buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or email.

    Please also see your preferences for Public or Private highlights and notes on the Settings page.

    Editing and sharing your Highlights and Notes