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  • O’Reilly for Higher Education: Playlists

    Create and edit playlists

    Go to Playlists icon from the left navigation bar, or look for the Playlist icon Playlist iconon content titles within your account.
    1) Click the three "dots" to edit, duplicate, delete and share your playlist with colleagues.
    2) You can keep your playlists private.
    3) You can see if your public playlists have followers. In addition, you can see your colleagues playlists that you are following.

    You can also change the order of the items in your playlists by using drag & drop.


    Share playlists

    How do you share a playlist? Click Share Settings and you will see options for making your playlist private or public. Public means you can use a link to share the playlist. Anybody in your organization with this link can follow your playlist. They'll see updates when you change any content.