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  • O’Reilly for Higher Education: Search

    Quick search

    There are a few different ways you can search for content in O'Reilly.

    First, you can use the “quick search” box on top of or in the upper right corner of many pages. You can simply type in terms and hit your Return key, or you can choose to focus your search to title, author, or publisher (just activate the pull down menu by clicking on the word “Everything” or the down arrow next to it).

    Quick search

    Advanced search, filters and results page

    When you get to the search results page, you still have the same options you had in the quick search box, to limit the search to title, author, or publisher (1). You’ll also be presented with other filtering (2) options, to narrow your results by media, topics, and publisher, and choose how the results are sorted (3). To access each of these menus, just click on the boxes.

    Your choices for formats include books, videos, Case studies, Learning paths, Oriole tutorials (or all formats). In topics and publishers you can select one or more from the pull-down list.  You can also limit by rating (0 stars or above). You can sort by relevance, popularity, rating, date added or publication date to change which results appear at the top of your list. Changing any of these search parameters will immediately refine (or expand) the search and update your results in the page.

    On the result list you can see snippets of text with your search terms in bold (4), you are able to add reviews (5) and add items to playlists (6).

    Search help

    The search box also accepts boolean arguments so you can target your search even more precisely. Here are examples showing some operations that are accepted:

    • "Terms in double quotes" – the terms have to be matched in sequence to return results.
    • AND, OR, NOT. The query john OR jon matches documents containing either of the two names. The query java NOT javascript matches documents containing java and not containing javascript.
    • Parentheses ( ) are useful for grouping terms.
    • Prefix a field with a colon (:) to restrict your search to that field:
      • author:C matches authors having the initial “C” in their names (but not books about C).
      • author:"John Smith" matches authors named “John Smith” unless they have a middle name.
      • author:John Smith matches authors called “John” whose books contain the word “Smith” anywhere.
      • publisher:Bantam matches publishers called “Bantam”.
      • publisher:O’Reilly Media Inc (no quotes) matches publishers called “O’Reilly” where "Media" and "Inc" occur anywhere in the same document.
      • title:(chicken soup code) matches titles with all three words chicken, soup, and code. A book titled "Code Soup: when developers play chicken" would match, for example.
      • title:"chicken soup code" matches books with those three words in sequence such as “The Chicken Soup Code Manual”.
      • publisher:O’Reilly text:java matches books published by O’Reilly having “java” in their text.
    • To restrict your search to audio book titles, add (“audio book”) to your search string.