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  • O’Reilly for Higher Education: Videos

    Video Information Page

    On the Video information page you will find:
    1) Video specification.

    2) Table of contents. Put the whole video or separate chapters in a Playlist.

    3) Click START to watch the video.

    Video Information Page

    Video player page

    On the Video player page you will find:
    1) Player controls (Closed captions, Playback speed, Quality settings, Full screen)

    2) Contents (the default tab) lists the clips available, which you can access directly. You can scroll up and down through the table of contents and select a clip to play. When you finish playing a clip, you will be auto-advanced to the next clip.

    3) As you watch complete clips, your progress is indicated with a checkmark.

    4) Put the whole video or separate chapters in a Playlist.

    5) For select titles there will be a transcript available, that gives you access to the written script of the video.
    6) Description (where provided) gives you a brief summary of what’s covered in the video or audio book.

    For select titles, there will also be Resources, including things like a link to the publisher’s website and extra pages.

    Video player page