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Tutor Zone: Math Center

Information on the Math Assistance in the Tutor Zone as well as helpful links to online math resources.

Virginia Placement Test: Math

For your convenience, here is a list of resources and guides to help you prepare for the Virginia Placement Test in math.

The Tutor Zone does not offer tutoring for the Virginia Placement Test.

To prepare for the placement test:

Study and Prepare

  • Start with arithmetic. You want to be able to do basic arithmetic and work with fractions without a calculator.
  • Study pre-algebra and algebra.
  • If you feel confident in algebra, you can go further and review pre-calculus and trigonometry.

Find more helpful websites on our helpful links page!

Thomas Nelson Testing Center

The Tutor Zone does not specifically tutor for the Virginia Placement Test, we help currently enrolled student in their math classes.  However, there are Math Boot Camps offered occasionally through the Testing Center Link and online practice available in our "helpful links" as well as Tutor Zone Math Handouts to help prepare.  Feel free to stop by so we can show you what is online and in the library for you to study.

Practice Tests