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February 1966 COMMUNITY COLLEGE BILLS SEEN AID TO 4–YEAR NEWPORT COLLEGE STATUS – Gov. Mills E. Godwin, Jr. sent bills down Thursday to create a state-wide system of comprehensive community colleges. He is asking for establishment of a Dept. of Community Colleges (two year institutions) and a twelve-member board to direct it. By implication, the Governor’s bill leaves the way open for a move to make Christopher Newport College a four-year school. -- Daily Press, February 4,1966
THE COMMUNITY COLLEGES BILL – Editorial discussing opposition to Gov. Mills E. Godwin's bill to create a state-wide system of comprehensive community colleges. -- Daily Press, February 13,1966
March 1966

COMMUNITY COLLEGE PLAN STALEMATED IN COMMITTEE – Gov. Mills E. Godwin’s bill to create a system of community colleges throughout the state continues stalemated in the Senate Public Institutions and Education Committee, nearly three weeks after its public hearing on the measure which has already passed the House. -- Times Herald, March 7, 1966

SENATE GROUP APPROVES COMMUNITY COLLEGES BILL –A bill to establish a state-wide system of comprehensive community colleges came out of the Senate Education Committee late Tuesday afternoon by unanimous vote after adoption of an administration amendment.  Effects of the change is to provide no existing branch college will have to leave the shelter of its parent institution’s accreditation until it is judged ready to receive accreditation on its own. -- Daily Press, March 9,1966
May 1966 COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOARD TO ASSUME CONTROL OF VOTECH CENTER’S POST HIGH SCHOOL COURSES – Dr. Dana Hamel, head of the newly formed Community College board, Wednesday said the board definitely will assume administration of all post high school programs at the Peninsula Vocational-Technical Center. -- Daily Press, May 19, 1966
July 1966

PENINSULA TO GET COMMUNITY COLLEGE.State Community College Board determines that the Peninsula will have a community college to serve Hampton, Newport News, York County, Williamsburg and James City County. Times Herald 7/2016/1966.

"The newly-formed Community College Board, during a meeting held in Richmond Friday designated the Peninsula as one of three areas in Virginia for location of community colleges.  A survey for a site for the Peninsula college will begin immediately, a spokesman for the board said. The designated area covers Hampton, Newport News, York County, Williamsburg and James City County."        

-Times-Herald, July 20, 1966

February 1967

COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOARD MEMBERS ARE ANNOUNCED - 10 prominent business and community leaders have been selected. -- Daily Press, February 8, 1967


PLANS FOR AREA COLLEGE UNVEILED Architectural and layout details, location, and estimated budgets are described. -- Daily PCollege Plans ress, March 18, 1967

July 1967

JENKINS PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR COLLEGE  Dr. Thomas V. Jenkins, age 39, has been selected as the first president of TNCC. July 18, 1967 

August 1967

JENKINS WELCOMES CHALLENGE, SAYS NELSON FUTURE IS GREAT.  Dr. Thomas Jenkins discusses the future of Thomas Nelson Community College on his first day on the job. Times-Herald, August 1, 1967

"In a few years, I think Virginia can have the most outstanding community college system in the nation."

                 -Dr. Thomas Jenkins 

December 1967

CORNERSTONE TO BE LAID: NELSON RITES DEC. 15  A formal cornerstone laying and dedication ceremony for the new Thomas Nelson Community College has been set for Dec. 15th. Times-Herald, December 6, 1967 

February 1968 TECHNICAL COURSES HEART OF ANY COMMUNITY COLLEGE PLAN. TNCC will have 10 major technical two-year courses when it opens this fall, as well as 3 one-year courses and 1 one-quarter course in key punching for data processing.  Also approved by the State Board of Community Colleges is a seven-quarter associate’s degree nursing program with a probable start date of 1969. Times-Herald, February 23, 1968
June  1968 FIRST NELSON CATALOGS READY FOR DISTRIBUTION. Times Herald, June 21, 1968. See the "Bulletin of Student Information, 1968" here.  
August 1968

FIRST NELSON BUILDING OPEN FOR INSPECTION. Thomas Nelson Community College took possession of the first of its three buildings comprising the $1.5 million Big Bethel Road Campus. Times-Herald. August 15, 1968

September 1968

1,200 AT TNCC'S ORIENTATION. Daily Press, September 26, 1968 

September 1968

NEW COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO OPEN MONDAY: 900 STUDENTS ENROLLED; but applications are still being accepted. Students begin classes on Sept. 30th, 1968. Virginia Gazette, September 27, 1968 

October  1968

GOGodwinVERNOR GODWIN SPEAKS AT NELSON DEDICATION. Governor Mills E. Goodwin Jr. spoke at the dedication ceremony. Times-Herald, October 4, 1968 

November 1968

sealSWAMP STOMPERS’ PICK SEAL, NAME PAPER – Students voted ("You Named It" in The Nelsonite) and the   results are; Thomas Nelson Community College’s newspaper will be “The Nelsonite”. The nickname is “Swamp Stompers”. The winning design for the TNCC seal was drawn by John Moore, a commercial art student at TNCC. The design includes a copy of the Declaration of Independence silhouetted by the profile of Thomas Nelson and a quill. The parchment and the quill designate that Thomas Nelson was one of the original signers of the declaration.   Daily Press 11/22/1968 

December 1968 WITH 1,231 STUDENTS, ANOTHER MILESTONE PASSED AS TNCC'S QUARTER ENDS. A milestone has been passed in Hampton's educational history with completion of the first quarter of operation of Thomas Nelson Community College.  Daily Press, December 15, 1968 
January   1969

NELSON REACHES NEW POINT: FIRST EX-STUDENTS LISTED - Four women became the firsstudents to complete a course study at TNCC. Certificates indicating completion of a three month course in key-punch operation in the school’s data processing department were awarded to Mrs. Trudy West Mason, Miss Karen Lynn Estes, Mrs. Inge E. Acol and Miss Carolyn Mavis Collier. Daily Press 1/20/1969

February 1969

swamp stomper"TNCC students are now officially 'The Swamp Stompers.'  The name was chosen in an election which also decided the school seal and a permanent name for the newspaper."

"The Student Government is offering a prize of $25 for the best caricature of a "Swamp Stomper."

  Nelsonite student newspaper, Vol. 1, no. , December 11, 1968. 

March     1969

TNCC’S LARGEST CLASS YET GRADUATES TONIGHT – The largest single class to complete a course of instruction at Thomas Nelson Community College since it opened in September will receive certificates. Certificates will go to 120 students in an effective study methods course. Daily Press, March 6, 1969 

October  1969

DIXIE LAUNCHES NEW NURSING DEGREE PROGRAM -Dixie Hospital, in cooperation with Thomas Nelson Community College, has just launched the Peninsula’s first two-year Associates Degree in Nursing Program.   Daily Press, October 6, 1969