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  • College Archives

    Historic Photographs

    The Archives has over 2000 photographs of college life dating from the 1970s through the present.  We have digitized these images and uploaded them to a Flickr site 

    In some cases, we have identified the people and events in the photographs, but most are mysteries.  If you are able to provide any information about any of the images, please let us know.   If you have a Flickr account or are willing to create one, you can add comments directly under the images.  You can also send us an email at

    Photographs collection

    Images from the Archives

    Registration line, 1980s

    Aerial view of Hampton campus, 1976

    Engineering faculty member Cecil Dickerson with robot, 1970s

    Line to Registration, 1990s

    Students gathered at computer, early 1980s

    Front entrance to the college showing original college sign, 1970s