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  • College Archives

    College Catalogs

    Course catalogs are issued every academic year and contains information about instructional programs,  courses, degrees and certificates, policies and procedures, and student services.  The Archives has a complete collection of the catalogs and bulletins issued since the first academic term in 1968.  Beginning in 2008 the college switched publication to a digital-only format accessible through the college website.  

    Archived catalogs have been digitized and are available online through the Digital Collections site.

    College Catalogs 1968-2008

    College Catalogs 2010-11 - 2017-18


    College Newsletters

    This collection is made up of several different college newsletters published from 1968 through 2008.  The first of these was The President's Newsletter which began publication in 1969.  The name was changed to The TNCC Newsletter in 1979.  In 1986, the college newsletter format was upgraded and began publishing as The Flagstaff.   The Flagstaff published into 2002 at which time it was converted to electronic form and issued through email as the E-Flagstaff, E-Flagstaff was superseded by Nelsonlink in 2008.  

    The Archives has original print copies of The President's Newsletter, The TNCC Newsletter and The Flagstaff.  These three publications have been digitized are are available online through our Digital Collections site.  E-Flagstaff was printed and archived in binders and has also been scanned and added to our digital collections.

    College Newsletters Digital Collections site


    The Nelsonite

    The Nelsonite student newspaper was published, with some gaps, from 1968 through 2007.  All copies have been digitized and are part of our Digital Collections.

    Nelsonite Student Newspaper digital collection

    College and Foundation Annual Reports

    Beginning in 1969 the Office of the President began publishing an Annual Report of activities, scholarships, revenue, operating expenses, enrollment statistics, and grants.  By the 1980s this publication feature both text and photography and provided a more comprehensive yearly report of campus wide events and activities.  In the 1990s the Annual Report began to be issued by the Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation.  Beginning in 2006 the Annual Report has been prepared by the Office of Public Relations and Media and is available through the college's website,

    Reports from several years are missing from the collections, whether or not they were not issued by the college for those missing years is unknown. The Archives has digitized all copies of the Annual Reports in its collections and these are available through our Digital Collections site.  

    Annual Reports from the Office of the President are available for these years:  1967-69, 1969-70 through 1978-79, 1980-81, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1987, 2004-2005

    Annual Reports from the Thomas Nelson community College Foundation are available for these years:  1981, 1990, 1991, 1993-94 through 1999-2000, 2003-2004

    Annual Reports in the Digital Collections

    College website link for Annual Reports for the years 2006-2007 through 2015-16

    Commencement Programs


    The Archives has a copy of each commencement program from the college’s first formal graduation exercises in June 1970 through to the present.  Programs through 2015 have been digitized and programs will continue to be scanned and added to the digital collections each year. 

    Presidents' Papers

    Presidents's papers include reports and publications, correspondence and memoranda, and events programs and ephemera.  These documents have not been digitized, but an index of the collection contents is available through our ArchivesSpace site.

    Office of the President collection

    Newspaper Clippings

    This collection consists of 33 three-inch binders of clippings from The Daily Press, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, the News Leader, the Williamsburg Gazette, and other local papers.  Clippings date from 1966 through the present.  

    A few select clippings have been digitized and are included in the Digital Archives collection.  A full index of the clippings is in preparation and will be available on this site by late 2017.

    Newspaper clippings in the Digital Collections.