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    Frequently Used Databases

    What is a Library Database?

    What is a library database?

    A library database is an online resource that the library subscribes to that contains articles and information from print sources such as magazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books. 

    Most of our databases are article databases. 

    An article database enables you to search through thousands (sometimes millions) of different magazines, journals and newspapers to find articles on a particular topic. Some of the articles you will find are Full Text, which means you can read (or print out) the entire article right there online. Other times the database will only provide you with an abstract, or summary of the article. Other times, the database will only give you a citation, which tells you where you can find a print version of the article.

    Databases are not "internet" sources

    Although you access our databases from the internet, the articles you find in them are reprinted from real live print sources. Most of the things you find in our database cannot be found by searching Google or Wikipedia. These are subscription services that the library pays for. They are every bit a part of our library's collection as the books on our shelf, and unless you want to buy your own subscription, you must go through the library's website to access them.

    Scholarly vs Popular



    Popular (Magazines)


    Report results of research

    Report current events


    Summarize research of general interest


    Scholars, researchers and students in a particular field of study

    General population


    Researchers, Experts in field


    Credentials given


    Often unnamed

    Credentials not given


    Long articles (5+ pages)

    No advertisements


    Technical or specialized language

    Peer reviewed


    Short articles

    Pictures and advertisements

    No citations

    Every day language

    Not peer reviewed