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  • Ways to Pay for Prints

    Ways to Pay:


    Payment can be made in one of three ways:

    1. WEPA account - You can charge your prints to funds deposited into your WEPA account. You may add more funds to your account at any time using a credit card at the print kiosk or online at Please note, WEPA will add a surcharge if you add less than $5.00 to your account.
    2. WEPA Print Card- You can purchase a pre-loaded $10 WEPA Print Card to pay for your prints. This is an option for visitors to TNCC not wishing to create a WEPA account or people who prefer to use cash. WEPA Print Cards are available for purchase at the bookstores on either campus. Cash, credit cards or financial aid funds may be used to purchase print cards in the bookstores.
    3. Credit Card or Debit Card - You can charge your prints to your personal credit or debit card. (NOTE: A $0.40 surcharge is added per transaction.)

    Printing Costs

    Black & White
       Single sided = $.10 per page
       Double sided = $.15 per page

       Single sided = $.50 per page
       Double sided = $.75 per page