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    Browse books on the shelves using the call number ranges listed below: 

    • BJ   Religions. Mythology. Rationalism
    • BM  Judaism
    • BP  Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.
    • BQ  Buddhism
    • BR  Christianity
    • BS  The Bible
    • BT  Doctrinal Theology
    • BV  Practical Theology
    • BX  Christian Denominations

    Call numbers for selected religions or religious divisions not listed above:

    • BL 1100-1295:  Hinduism
    • BL1300-1380: Jainism
    • BL1830-1883:   Confucianism  
    • BL1899-1942.85: Taoism
    • BL2017-2018.7: Sikhism
    • BX200-756: Orthodox Eastern Church
    • BX800-4795: Catholic Church  
    • BX4800-9999: Protestantism

    Keyword or Subject Search

    Religion subject headings will usually provide information both on the religion itself (e.g. islam or christianity) and on the people who practice it (e.g. buddhists or christians). The subject terms religion or religions provide information on religion and religions in general.

    Try some of these subject keyword searches: religion   religions   amish   buddhism   catholics   christianity   christians   confucius   hinduism   judaism   mormons and mormonism   islam   islam relations christianity   protestants   protestantism   quakers   society of friends   taoism  

    Also try some of these general subject keywords searches: church history   religion and politics united states   religion and psychology   religion and science   religion and sociology   religious life buddhism   christian life   religious literature

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    If we don't have a book at Thomas Nelson, you can search WorldCat to find books in other libraries:


    Search Tips:

    1. From the result list, refine your search by clicking on Books from the Format menu on the left. 

    2. From the results list, click on any title to bring up the full record.

    3. When the full record appears, scroll down to view the list of libraries in your area that have a copy of the book.  Or enter a zip code to search for libraries in a particular area that may have a copy of the book.

    4. Click on any local library to access a particular library's catalog to see if the book is available for check out.

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