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    • B 1-5802 Philosophy (General) 
    • B 108-708 Ancient Philosophy (600 BC – 430 AD)
    • B 720-765 Medieval Philosophy (430 AD–1450 AD)
    • B 770-785 Renaissance Philosophy
    • B 790-5802 Modern Philosophy (1450 AD – present)
    • BC 1-199 Logic 
    • BD 10-701 Speculative philosophy 
    • BD 95-131 Metaphysics 
    • BD 143-237 Epistemology. Theory of knowledge 
    • BD 240-260 Speculative philosophy -- Methodology 
    • BD 300-450 Ontology (including being, the soul, life, death) 
    • BD 493-701 Cosmology (including teleology, space and time, structure of matter, plurality of worlds) 
    • BH 1-301 Aesthetics 
    • BJ 1-1725 Ethics 

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    Keywords to search:

    • Philosophy
    • Ethics
    • Business ethics
    • Law and ethics
    • Religion and ethics
    • Moral education
    • Bioethics
    • Medical ethics
    • Nursing ethics
    • Environmental ethics
    • Types of psychology e.g. modern philosophy, etc
    • Names of philosophers, e.g. Kant, Aristotle, etc

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