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  • Kindles Available at TNCC

    Click the links below to find out which Kindles and Kindle titles are available.  The Thomans Nelson Libraries have 18 Kindles available for checkout, divided into three "pods".  Kindles are available at both campuses.

    Suggest Titles for the Kindles

    Kindle FAQs

    Want to borrow a Kindle? 

    Take a look at the FAQs.

    Who may borrow Kindles?

    TNCC students, faculty and staff.

    How long may I borrow a Kindle?

    You may check out a Kindle for 2 weeks, with no renewals.

    How will I know which books are available on the Kindles?

    See the box in this guide called "Kindles and Kindle Titles Available at TNCC" for links to our library catalog.

    How can I learn to use the Kindle?

    Each Kindle comes with a quick start guide.  You can also find that guide here.

    Can I download Kindle books purchased by the library to a personal Kindle?

    No. Amazon does not allow us to "loan" electronic copies of the Kindle books we purchase to your personal Kindle.

    Can I download Kindle books that I purchase to a library Kindle?

    Yes. You have the option to download your own Amazon Kindle e-books to one of our Kindles. However, associating a Kindle with your account may remove all titles pre-loaded by the Library.

      1. Turn on wireless by clicking on the Menu button and selecting "Turn Wireless On." (You will need a wireless connection to complete these steps.)
      2. Register the Kindle to your Amazon account by clicking the Menu button and selecting "Settings" and then "register." You will be asked to enter the email address and password associated with your Amazon account.
      3. Download material to the Kindle by clicking on the Menu button and then "Sync & Check for Items." 

    Any books you purchase from Amazon belong to you and will remain on your Amazon account. Any content you download to the Kindle will be removed when you return the device to the Library.