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  • Film & Media Studies: Using Video

    Extracting Film Stills from DVDs

    To easily extract still images from films on DVD, download and install the free VLC media viewer:

    traffic cone

    1. Insert DVD
    2. Open VLC
    3. File>Open Disc> [select DVD]
    4. Navigate to the desired frame (with video paused)
    5. Video>Snapshot
    6. A still image is automatically saved to your desktop as a PNG image file

    Saving Online Video

    zamzar onine file conversion

    Some online streaming video can be converted to common video file formats using services such as Zamzar:


    Another friendly disclaimer:

    The instructions on this page are intended for those working on educational projects and who intend to observe the practices of Fair Use of copyrighted materials.  When in doubt, contact your friendly neighborhood librarian.

    fair use reminder