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    psychology, mental health, psychoanalysis, cognition, perception, human behavior, emotion, intelligence

    Subjects to search (Library of Congress):

    Types of psychology e.g. (Child psychology, Criminal psychology, etc…)

    Names of psychologists e.g. (Freud, Maslow, etc…)

    Browse for books

    Browse books on the shelves using the call number ranges listed below: 

    • BF173-175       Psychoanalysis
    • BF180-210       Experimental
    • BF231-229       Sensation
    • BF311-349       Cognition, Perception, Intelligence
    • BF511-559       Emotion
    • BF660-687       Comparative
    • BF721-724       Developmental
    • HM251-291      Social
    • LB1051-1091   Educational
    • RC321-576      Psychiatry and Psychopathology

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