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Citation Guide

Use this guide to find information on how to cite sources using various styles as well as information on plagiarism and annotate bibliographies.


Wikipedian Protester

Why cite sources?  Basic reasons include:

  • to avoid plagiarism
  • to give others credit for their ideas
  • to allow your reader to locate the sources you used for your research

Whether you are quoting, paraphrasing, copying and pasting, or just referencing, you do need to cite:

  • Anyone else's articulated ideas, arguments, opinions, or experiences.
  • Artwork, pictures, videos, or other creative works produced by others.
  • Direct quotations of any words written or spoken by others.
  • Unique phrases or terms coined by others.
  • Data, statistics, or facts produced or documented by others.
  • Published research details and results, whether conducted by you or others.
  • And much more!

Please remember this list is not exhaustive, and it does apply to most citation style guidelines!  If you're uncertain when to cite something, check with your instructor, ask a librarian, or seek the answer in the appropriate style manual.

Image used under Creative Commons License from Randall Munroe

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